Henckel Knives – One of the Best in the World

A few products have survived for more than 10 years, much less 200 years, but Henckel knives have done it and longer. The German company J.A. Henckels International has been making knives since 1731, making it 272 years old. The company is known worldwide as one that forges quality knives such as ceramic knives. It was once a company whose knives could command a good price but because of competition, it has to lower its prices to survive. Although it has compromised its pricing, its workmanship has not diminished one bit. The knives the company produces are still some of the best in the world.

There are 12 lines of Henckel knives that range from Henckel steak knives to Henckel pocket knives and the Zwilling Henckel knives. Here are some of the popular models of the Henckel knives:

  • Henckel Pro S – This is the bestselling item of all Henckel knives. It is famous for its 3-rivet handle design and its premium forged blade with full tang. This knife is unique because unlike other knives, the blade is welded to the handle instead of forging it altogether. There are some who criticize this method of making knives but there has not yet been any report of the knives breaking because of this. The edge of this type of knife stays sharp for a longer time, too.

  • Henckel Twin Cermax – This is another of model of the Henckel knives. This knife was produced to compete with the growing popularity of Japanese kitchen knives. One of the wonderful features of this knife is that it is very sharp. Its Micarta handle is also a product of good ergonomics. The downside to this knife is that it is very expensive.
  • Henckels Twin Cuisine – If you need a knife that is built for heavy duty use then this is the knife for you. There are other Henckel kitchen knives that are made for heavy duty work but this model is the top of its line. It has a metal handle that is intended to balance the blade. This knife is one of those that can be depended to for more than the normal cutting.

Knife Use and Safety

There is a reason why several types of knives exist and that is because you cannot use a single knife to do all cutting jobs. You cannot use your Henckel steak knives to chop vegetables nor can you expect that your Henckel pocket knives can do a good job cutting meat.

A sharp knife is a knife safe to use so make sure that you sharpen your Henckel knives regularly. A sharp knife will let you use less pressure when cutting and prevents you from getting cut.

How to sharpen your Henckel knives

  • The knife should be at a 20-degree angle with the sharpening steel.
  • Pull it down across the sharpening steel in a slight arc.
  • Do the same action until you get the right sharpness
  • Do the same process again for the back of the blade.

If you want a knife that will last you for a long time, you should choose Henckel knives. Notwithstanding the price, Henckel knives are some of the best knives there is.