Types Of Kitchen Utensils And Their Uses

Kitchen utensils make food preparation easier hence the kitchen operates more efficiently. Many kitchen utensils, cookware, tools and small appliances are available in the market. Every one of them has a different purpose. From a decorative point of view, today’s cooking utensils come in a variety of colors that match the decoration of your kitchen.

Types Of Kitchen Utensils

  • Knives
    Sharp and quality knives are necessary in any kitchen. Knives which are sharp cut properly and are simple to work with compared to dull knives. Choose knives of good weight and your hand will be comfortable and balanced. The best knives to have in your kitchen are serrated knife, chef’s knife and paring knife. Serrated knife is perfect for cutting bread. Chef’s knife is mostly used in cutting and chopping works. Paring knife is usually used to peel fruits and vegetables.
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Henckel knives are well known for their good quality and are preferred by many people for their durability, sharpness and strength. Henckel knives must be professionally sharpened from time to time to maintain their quality performance.

  • Cutting Boards
    Cutting boards normally help to keep the counter tops dirt free and without any scratch. It is very significant to have different cutting boards for different functions. You can have one for meat and another for vegetables. This will help to prevent germs as well as cross contamination. They can be made from different materials such as wood or plastic.
  • Spoons and Whisks
    Plastic and wooden spoons that have long handles are essential for mixing or stirring. Other helpful spoons are ladles used in serving soup and gravies, pasta spoons used to keep pasta separated and slotted spoon used in draining. Whisks are useful utensils for mixing pancake batter, sauces as well as whipping egg whites. An important tool for mixing cakes or whipping potatoes is an electric mixer.
  • Tongs and Spatulas
    Tongs come in a range of sizes and are used in many jobs. They are often used to turn meat and potatoes. Spatulas are made of different materials mostly metal and plastic. Their function is sliding under food like cookies, pancakes and burgers.
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  • Mixing Bowls
    Mixing bowls are necessary in all kitchens. They come in different sizes for serving food and mixing ingredients. They also come in a variety of colors and materials like plastic, colored glass or stainless steel.
  • Clear the counter tops of your kitchen and place a towel to protect the surface. Remove everything from your utensil drawer and lay a towel. Wipe the sides, face and bottom of your empty drawer using a clean, dampened cloth.
  • Arrange your kitchen utensils into various sections with the regularly used utensils in front of the drawer.
  • Arrange the knives in one location. Hang knives on a knife rack to free up the space on counter top and drawer. A good magnetic knife rack is sold in department stores.

Tips In Arranging Kitchen Utensils

Trying to locate your measuring spoon or your best paring knife in a disorganized kitchen is hard unless your kitchen utensils are well organized. Usually, you have three alternatives to have your kitchen utensils in order: put them in a container, you can hang your utensils on the wall or create a drawer to put them.